Board of Civil Authority

The Board of Civil Authority consists of the elected Selectboard, the Justices of the Peace and the Town Clerk.

The Justices of the Peace are elected and are required to serve as election officials as well as hearing and deciding property tax appeals and abatements, performing marriages and other discretionary functions.

Contact the BCA through the Town Manager’s office.

SelectboardJustices of the PeaceTown Clerk
Dan CrockerK. Sheldon BeebePauline Blake O'Brien
Katrina HamiltonMatt Conklin
Kevin HughesFrances “Nancy” Dalzell
Stephen MajorJohn Ewald
Jason PerryElizabeth Harlow
Susan Harlow
Adrienne Major
Peggy O’Toole
Fran Renaud
Susan Roman
Jeanette Staley
Sarah Waldo


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