Public Records

The Town of Westminster firmly believes that a vibrant democracy depends upon citizens knowing and understanding how their government operates. Publicly available records are an integral part of an open and fair government. By posting all of our Town’s public record requests and productions, our citizens have more access to public information. All public record requests must use the form below.

Click or tap here for Westminster’s Public Records Request form.

Form Instructions:
1. Download and print the form.
2. Enter all information on the form.
3. Sign and return to Town Hall (postal mail, Town Hall drop slot or submit electronically).

In support of transparent and open government, the Town of Westminster posts all public record requests and responses on its webpage. Public Records Requests received by the Town are listed below:

DateNameOrganizationTopicRequest & Response
6/13/24Beam, NormanN/AGeneral RecordsRequest
6/24/24Beam, NormanN/AGeneral RecordsRequest
6/25/24Adams, BuckN/ASelectboard MaterialsRequest

Link to Vermont’s “Access to Public Records” statute.
Practice approved by the Westminster Selectboard March 13, 2024

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