The Zoning Office is responsible for administering the permitting process including assisting the public with obtaining and filling out permit applications and answering any questions an applicant may have.

The Zoning Office Provides the following services:

  • Permits for new construction, change of use, subdivisions and signs
  • Assistance with completing applications
  • Information on properties and permit status
  • Flood Hazard Information
  • Contact information for other Municipal and State agencies
  • Information about the Planning Commission and the Developmental Review Board
  • Permits for Commercial Projects

Zoning Permit FAQs

When Zoning Permits are needed:
  • Any non-residential construction.
  • Construction of a new residence or replacement residence
  • An addition of a home that changes the footprint of the home
  • Construction of a residential accessory structure, such as a garage or shed, that is more than 150 square feet in size or within a setback area.
  • Any construction in any of the overlay districts: Agricultural Overlay, Ridgeline, Historic, Flood Hazard, or Water Supply Protection Districts.(Please feel free to call the Zoning Administrator to find out if you are in an overlay district).
  • Demolish a structure in the Historic District
  • Subdivision
  • Change of use of your property
  • Build a pond

When Zoning Permits are not needed:

  • Changes to the interior of your building that doesn’t change either the footprint or the height of the building.
  • Residential fences that do not interfere with sight distances of vehicular traffic, except in the Historic District.
  • Residential doors, windows, dormers & awnings, except in the Historic District.
  • Residential accessory structures, such as shed, playhouse, etc., less then 150 square feet in size, are not in a setback area that are not in any of the overlay districts
  • Farm structures erected on your property if you earn more that half your income from agriculture and if you file a sketch plan for the structure with the town.
  • A fence or wall with no roof constructed for the purpose of containing animals.
  • Retaining walls, fences, poles and lamp posts that tare not in any of the overlay districts.
  • Home occupations

* Please remember that in addition to any local permits you may also need a state permit for your project.


Phone: 802.722.4524
Fax: 802.722.9816


Zoning Administrator: Alison Bigwood

Zoning Administrator Assistant: Kelley Thayer


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